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Congratulations go to Roman Skourat who passed his 3rd Kyu Grading at The Hut on 25 March and received his Green Belt which he is wearing proudly here, together with Instructor Tanith Barry.

Institute of Aikido Winter Course
Sat 23 and Sun 24 March

The Institute of Aikido Winter School 2019 was held at the Wycombe Judo Centre on Sat 23 and Sun 24 March. The course was well attended with some 30 plus Aikidoka from most of the Institute clubs, Ame, Kingston, Livingston, Loughborough, Slough, Spalding, Shinbukan and The Hut. Our Sensei, Paul Foster-Dent and Sensei John Kingsbury, who also teaches at The Hut, each
led one of the training sessions.

The course was conducted by Institute Principals Lawson Moore Sensei and William Timms Sensei. Training sessions were led by the following Sensei in order of appearance:

Saturday: William Timms, James Applegate, Linn Robertson, Paul Foster-Dent, Lawson Moore, Andrew Glendinning, Spirit Frederick, Deirdre Robertson, Paul Turner.

Sunday: Ken Kidston, Colin Simpson, John Kingsbury, Lawson Moore, William Timms

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