Haydn Foster Sensei

Haydn Foster Sensei, Principal of The Hut Dojo and Chief Instructor and Technical Director of the Institute of Aikido   passed away suddenly at home in February 2011.  He will be very much missed by his many students and friends in the world of Aikido.

Foster Sensei’s aim was always that others should derive as much pleasure from Aikido as he himself did. He would often say that it was not what I have done for Aikido, but more what Aikido has given me. Foster Sensei’s legacy is the Institute of Aikido which will ensure the continued study of the art which he held dear.

To him Aikido was a never ending journey of discovery and learning and therefore we should all now continue our journey in the same spirit.

Sensei Foster receiving his 6th Dan Honbu certificate from the Doshu in Cardiff, Sat 19 June 2010.