Aikido Basic Forms 1 - 8 DVD

A fantastic DVD featuring Sensei William Timms, 5th Dan Institute of Aikido, demonstrating and explaining the first eight basic Aikido forms as taught to him by Sensei Foster.

Filmed at Sensei Timms’ Tatsumaki Dojo in Slough by Ali Khan of Black Swan Film & Video, himself a 2nd Dan Aikidoka, with the participation of high grade Black Belts from the Institute of Aikido, this is THE most up-to-date and comprehensive guide of its kind and an invaluable source of reference for all Aikidoka.

Aikido Weapons Double DVD

DVD Case print v7 cover only


This is a double dvd, made by Sensei William Timms with the participation of Slough Aikidoka Norman Martin, (2nd Dan) and comprises two dvds which cover Bokken and Jo techniques up to 1st Dan and beyond as follows:

Bokken: Suburi, Awase, Kumitachi and variations, Kimosube no Tachi, Tachi dori (68 minutes)
Jo: Suburi, Awase, 31 and 13 count Kata, Kumi Jo, Jo dori, Jo kokunage plus Tanto dori (47 minutes)

If you have any queries about these videos please contact Sensei Timms at:

These videos are obtainable from this email address: or from Janet at The Hut.

Open Hand dvd: 15.00 plus 3.00 UK p&p
Weapons Double DVD: 20.00 plus 3.00 UK p&p