Aikido Classes at The Hut

The Hut Dojo:
Chief Instructor: Paul Foster-Dent Sensei (5th Dan)

Monday Classes:
Weapons Class: Jo & Bokken: 7.00 - 8.15pm.

Open hand techniques class: 8.30 to 9.45pm.
 (16 and upwards - all grades)

Thursday Class:
Open hand techniques: 8.00 - 9.30pm.
(16 and upwards- all grades)

Saturday Class:
Children’s Class: 10.30am - 12.00   (ages 8 - 15):

Sunday Class: 10.45am - 12.15pm
(16 and upwards - all grades)

The Monday Weapons Class teaches the use of
the Jo (wooden staff) and the Bokken (wooden
training sword). Use of these weapons improves
your open hand techniques and is essential
learning for your progress through to the higher
grades of coloured belt.

Adult Mat fees:
1 class per week 25 per month
2 classes per week: 40 per month

payable at the beginning of each month or by Standing Order.

If your two classes per week do not include the double class on a Monday this will be an extra 2 on the day.

Single classes: 7 per session

Children’s Mat fees: 4.00 per session.

After three sessions you are required to take out membership of the Institute of Aikido at an annual cost of 30.00 for Adults and 15.00 for Unwaged and under 18s.

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